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God’s Strategy in Human History 3rd Edition Volume 1 - Book Review

Fri September 20th, 2013

The Forster/Marston writing team have brought us a number of quality books over the years but this book first published in 1973 has become their seminal volume. Forty years later the third edition emerges, this time in two volumes. This review is for volume 1. This is not a reprint though – this is a rewrite – and a significant one as well! This is a theology book for the non-academic. This book handles difficult issues with ordinary language that any Guardian reader could understand. Forster is of course a new church leader and challenges the traditional (often non-Biblical) views of many who have just picked them up by osmosis or perhaps without thought. To say that this book adds something important to the wealth of existing literature would be to demean it – this book is an essential for the bookshelf of any serious Christian, any theology student or any person who just wants answers. GSIHH offers a more objective view than most books to difficult passages and openly discusses issues that have shaped our thinking for centuries where we have tended to be told that there is no other view. Forster's study of original biblical languages, his avid reading of church history and his understanding of difficult concepts come through clearly – this is an expert speaking and this book is part of his legacy to the Church. You may disagree with some of his thinking, but you can't dismiss it – he doesn't jump to conclusions or fall back on tradition; everything he presents is reasoned and backed up by scripture. If perhaps you fall at his views of eternity, then don't shut the book, he is open to discussion and if you aren't you scare me! Forster is one of the great Christian thinkers of our times and if you agree with him you should buy this book. If you don't agree with him you should still buy this book, because it will either confirm or stretch your thinking, and it cannot do you any harm. This book is currently available from the Ichthus website and also available from Amazon You can read our review of Volume 2 here