The Ark

A Shared Building

43 Monkgate has two signs outside - the Ark Church and Trinity Methodist Church. This is because the building is owned by the Methodist Church but we have a formal building sharing agreement that entitles us to worship there. This agreement which we have by the good grace of the Methodist Church gives us a home, a base and a centre for worship and social action. We are grateful to God for their long testimony of faith in Monkgate.

We are NOT Methodists, but we come from similar theological roots, and we are not in competition with the Methodists - rather we complement them! Like the Methodists we are part of a bigger network - Ground Level - from which we draw support and have accountability.

Our services have a different style, and our range of worship songs is contemporary. We are sure you will find a great welcome with us and hope that you will also find a spiritual home too!

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