The Ark

Ground Level

At the centre of our core values is 'relationship'. We believe in relational Christianity, relational church, relational ministry and relational accountability.

We believe that every church should be part of something bigger than itself, for the sake of vision, perspective and accountability. The Ark is part of Ground Level, which we like to call a network of churches but most onlookers would probably call a denomination.

The Ground Level Network is an apostolic movement networked together through regional and relational connections.

Ground Level exists to equip, support and care for churches and ministries.

Ground Level seeks to have a growing influence for good in our nation, affecting society in any positive way we can, and believes that the church is to be a prophetic voice that models Word and Spirit along with Relationship and Kingdom.

Ground Level has been in existence for over 40 years and is a grouping of over 80 churches in the UK, but also has strong relationships with other church networks around the world.

Ground Level is the movement behind the annual Awaken (formerly the Grapevine/ One Event celebration) at the Lincolnshire showground.

Just as the Ark has strong links with churches of other streams or denominations, Ground Level also has similar strong links on a national level.

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