The Ark

What next?

Why not try a prayer? It isn't as hard as it sounds! God is listening to you now, all you have to do is speak.

If these words match what you want to say, you could try them now:

Father God, I come to you in the name of your Son Jesus.

Please forgive me for ignoring you and failing you.

I ask you to count the punishment that Jesus suffered on the cross as being complete for me and make a new life inside me.

I give myself to you and commit from this day to be your child.

Thank you Lord.


Is that it? Well, if you had made your peace with a relative you wouldn't ignore them again would you? Try talking to him daily – get a Bible and read it. A good place to start is one the gospels in the New Testament – "John" is good. Why not step over the threshold into church?

If you are near York why not give us a try - click for directions.

If you want to find a York church that meets nearer you - Email us with your postcode and we will send you a list.

If you are in the UK but not near York - you can find a list here of churches that we can recommend. Or just find one that is offering an Alpha course or one that looks like it is welcoming and give it a try. In church you will find people who can help you find your feet in this new walk – and maybe your blue chip will become even more valuable to you.

If you want to tell someone that you have prayed this prayer, or would like more help email us here.

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