The Ark

Handwriting on the Wall

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Exodus 25 to 28

The kingdom of Belshazzar was a dark place. There was no room for God, but rooms for other gods of every description. There was plenty of time to spend in self-congratulation. Central to the partying was the defiling of articles from the temple of God in Jerusalem – this was a statement of the superiority of the king over God.
It was at this time that a message was delivered:

Dan 5:5 Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lampstand in the royal palace. NIV

If partying takes precedence over God then suddenly our 'lifestyle', our 'needs' and our 'successes' become more important than the God who blesses us and makes all these things possible. A darkness falls in our heart if we start to think this way.
When darkness starts to fall in your heart – the finger of God will start to write near a lampstand in your life. That is, wherever light starts to fall near you, God will send you a message. Such is the kindness of God that He will always try to let us see our need of Him. Only if we ignore it will disaster come –as it did for Belshazzar.
God wants to talk to you openly as a man talks with his son or daughter. If we fill our time and lives with other things so that there is no room for God, then the normal channels of communication are closed. Then the handwriting appears on the wall, near any light that can be found.
The moral of the story? Keep talking to God, but if you don't then at least repent when a word from God appears in your life. Ignoring the handwriting on the wall doesn't just make thinks difficult for you; it can cost you your life.