The Ark

How to hear God’s voice

Wed April 29th, 2020

I often get asked the question “How can I hear God’s voice?” and the answer is a lot simpler than you expect.

If you want to hear you friend’s voice, you would give them your undivided attention, shut down all distractions, turn off the radio, the TV, put away your phone, your tablet or your laptop and look straight at them. You would also be quiet, because you want to hear what they have to say.

In our busy world there is always a distraction, noise, music, videos, a running TV, but if we are serious about hearing God we must make time to be with him and that will usually mean making time to turn off the distractions or to walk away from them. It might mean that we go out for a walk in the country or lock ourselves in a room alone. Once I rented a motel room. Let’s not hold God to ransom by saying “here is 15 minutes, now speak to me!” We may have to settle ourselves and focus on Him to line up our heart with His. It might take 16 minutes! It might take a couple of hours or more, but we have to commit to Him who has fully committed Himself to us.

Looking to Jesus is also not as hard as it sounds, because He is alive, He promises us his constant presence (Matthew 28:20) and by faith we can see the invisible. I am not saying imagine a middle eastern man with a beard, but we can and must focus on the invisible because He wants to commune with us.

It might help to settle our spirit by beginning by reading a scripture passage – like 1 Sam 3 or Acts 13.

Tell Him what has brought you to this point and ask Him to speak to you….and wait…

Usually we do not wait for anything, let alone the voice of God. If we become distracted it might be good to sing a worship song or just express our praise to God aloud, but in general keep waiting.

The first time I ever tried this I was desperate to have the sort of relationship with God where I heard his voice clearly – not just from the pages of the Bible or from the inspired preacher, but from His whispers. It wasn’t long before God spoke to me very clearly and suddenly…and what He said was unwelcome. He told me to leave my job! I spent 3 miserable days fighting with God over that one, until I finally gave in. I got down on my knees and told God I was going to see my boss and resign. Instantly I heard that voice again – this time He told me not to do any such thing, but that He had to know that when He did ask me to do this that I would obey. It was about 12 years before He asked me again, but in the meantime, I often heard from God, and I still do.

Even so, sometimes my calendar fills up and God gets squeezed out, and that is when I have to be ruthless and MAKE time for God.

There is no pill to hear God or any brand of instant communication device – there is just the commitment in your heart to hear God’s voice and the willingness to pay any price for enjoying that privilege. If we develop a lifestyle of prayer, where we move in and out of talking and listening to God, then this can be a new normal for us, but we should not expect anything unless we are serious about this.

This is the best time to hear from God, to hear the voice of Jesus, to allow the Spirit of God to hover over you and direct you. Why not listen today?