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Prime: Free online Theology course

Mon February 20th, 2023

Prime: What Drives God?

This free, online Theology course explores the prime characteristic of God

With a mixture of light, helpful Theological concepts and practical suggestions for our Christian walks with God, this course can change your life and the way you view God. This is absolutely invaluable content for all Christians, new or experienced; this can help us understand who God really is and why He does certain things

The course consists of 6 sessions, each approximately 30 minutes with reflection prompts at the end. This content is ideal for exploring by yourself, in your prayer group, small group or Bible study group. We encourage you to use these videos - we have found this knowledge so enriching, we want to share it with you.

Session 1:

In this session, we learn about different types of love in the Greek Bible (agape and philio) and see how they can affect our understanding of God and the New Testament. We will also briefly cover the five (main) strands of theology, with a particular focus on relational theology.

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Session 2:

In this session, we learn about how Jesus is the ultimate example of agape love. We also examine how the Bible clearly evidences God's desire for a relationship with each of us, in the same way that the Trinity experiences perichoresis.

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Session 3:

In this session, we learn about what Jesus tells us about ways we can love God, our neighbours, our enemies, and other disciples. This affects what we believe and therefore how we behave.

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Session 4:

In this session, we explore full immersion water baptism and baptism of the Holy Spirit. We also look at the Spiritual gifts and how we should be using them to edify the church. This leaves you with practical advice and a greater understanding of the role of the Spirit as part of the Trinity.

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Session 5:

In this session, we explore the ways in which we can show our agape love towards God. We also examine why different translations of the Bible exist, and which one we might be best reading. We also cover what Christian meditation is, and why it is an important part of the Christian walk.

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Session 6:

In this session, we explore why we have bread and wine (communion) and what it really means for a Christian. We also look at what happens to a Christian when they die, and what we might expect from the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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