The Ark

Privacy Policy

At the Ark we aim to respect your privacy at all times.
1. Divulging of information. We do not divulge any information received to third parties, without first obtaining your consent, except in the following circumstances: a. Unless by not doing so an offence might be committed under the laws of the United Kingdom. b. Unless by law we are obliged to do so. c. Unless communication received from you is of an inappropriate or highly offensive nature that action may have to be taken to prevent further abuse. d. Unless we believe our silence may result in an act of self-harm upon your person, which may or may not be illegal.

2. Prayer Requests. Information received in the form of a prayer request is presented to a team of people who will faithfully pray for you without prejudice. The need for personal confidentiality is balanced with your request for prayer – we suggest that you only give your forename as a focus for our praying if you wish a level of anonymity.

3. Use of Contact details. If you submit your address, electronic or otherwise to us, it will only be used by ourselves, at appropriate times to convey information about the Ark and related events that you have initially requested. You may remove yourself from our mailing list at any time by sending a request to our email address.

4. Financial Information. If you use your credit /debit card over the phone to us, the number will not be stored once it has been used. For use over the internet such information goes to a secure banking institution to which we have no access. We do not store records of individual donations unless given by gift aid as required by the Inland Revenue. All donations are considered totally confidential.

5. Counselling. Where you have requested counselling and have had discussions with us, all matters will be considered completely confidential, except where conflict arises with the articles of section 1.

6. Data Protection Act 1998. We seek at all times to store information and act within the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. You have a right to see a copy of any information we may hold about you and to correct any inaccuracies that may be contained in it. A copy of such information may be sent to you for an office handling charge of £10, by request to Data Protection, The Ark Church, 43 Monkgate, York. YO31 7PB. Should there be no information held about you that will be confirmed in writing.

7. Contacts under 16 years of age. Please do not request information from us or send information to us if you are under 16 years of age without the permission of your parent or guardian. We will assume that all contacts have received that express permission.