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Confronting Jezebel – Book Review

Sun January 15th, 2006

This serious problem in the church is confronted in a responsible fashion by the author who sets out to clearly explain the operation of the spirit of control. He defines how someone operating in a Jezebel spirit acts and manipulates to achieve their own goals.
The author takes relevant Bible texts to demonstrate why we refer to this controlling spirit by the name Jezebel.
He shows how that these people are continually looking for ammunition for future use and how they seek to warp and manipulate true authority for their own ends.
The book gives real examples of this type of problem in the church and some real words of wisdom on how to deal with them.
A worthwhile book with a positive and uplifting tone and conclusion.
Confronting Jezebel by Steve Sampson is published by Sovereign World ISBN 1 85240 361 6.
You can purchase this book worldwide at Amazon
You can buy this book in the UK from Eden.