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Dead Men Walking - Book Review

Fri April 28th, 2006

This is a book that will disturb you if you are too religious! However, if you are an ordinary bloke with no church baggage, this will be a breath of fresh air to you.
This book, with chapters written by different friends, offers insight into real issues that haunt today's (and I suspect haunted yesterday's) Christian man.
These Leeds chaps, who work with young people, have to face the real issues of Christian men every day. They decided to write about it and in doing so have created an excellent resource for any man's book shelf and a good book to use for small men's groups. Each chapter has associated questions that can be used to stimulate discussion.
Some of the issues raised will 'ring a bell' and you will be relieved that these guys are talking about problems that you are facing now.
One thing is sure, that these guys are committed to the great commission - and are actually doing something about it!
I was thrilled to find that they write about issues very close to my own heart - like The 3 R's, relationship, relationship, relationship - and I thought I had invented that line!
The chapters cover our relationships with God and with others, heroes, movies, tears, fantasies, language, football and careers - just to mention a few!
Personally, I am looking forward to meeting these guys and also to reading their soon to be published "Cut to the Chase".
This 2003 book is no longer widely available and you will probably have to contact them through their website to get a copy.
I did and it was well worth it!
Dead Men Walking by Lee Jackson, Baz Gascoyne and friends is published by Kingsway ISBN 1-84291-021-3
You can source a copy here