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Red Moon Rising - Book Review

Wed August 18th, 2004

From one man's dozing dream to an international phenomenon. Red Moon Rising tells the story of 24/7 prayer – a movement geared to facilitating consistent prayer cover, not just in our nation but all over the world.
God has a habit of saying the same thing to different people – understandable when you realise that He does of course agree with Himself. This book tells the story of those who heard about setting up rooms for prayer all over the world and how they ended up getting to know each other.
Peter Greig tells how he almost stumbles into the will of God after a life changing vision. The story of the difficulties and challenges along the way, along with his personal trauma are all revealed. Mainly, the book is a terrific encouragement to pray. Lots of examples of how people are praying will help rekindle your enthusiasm, and the testimonies of some of the results will blow your mind!
A different style of writing, but the sort of story that should challenge every Christian, everywhere to pray.
This book is published by Relevant Books ISBN 0-9729276-6-2
You can buy this book from Eden.