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The Chronicles of Narnia - Movie Review

Sat December 10th, 2005

The long awaited movie is out and on December 9th we made our way through the crowds to see this new blockbuster from Disney.
The trailer had been intriguing because it started with the words "In this house there are many rooms" – sounding like a quote from John 14:2. How a movie was going to do justice to a book that was so much part of my consciousness when I was growing up, I did not know- but I was not disappointed!
From the acting of the children to the superb CGI of the beavers, the griffin, the fox and of course Aslan himself, the movie is a work of art. The difficulty of portraying Aslan is that he is not a "tame lion" and embodies all that is love with the fierceness of a real lion. The CGI delivers an excellent Aslan!
Jadis, the White Witch is played brilliantly, mixing all that is evil with all that is appealing too. She masquerades as an "angel of light", and yet acts wickedly on every occasion. When the witch gloats over Aslan as they shave him on the stone table, she is just as the book describes her. The death and resurrection of Aslan are very moving, and the only thing that stopped me sobbing was the way I was holding my breath.
I couldn't hold myself back though when Aslan finally slays the witch. As he rises up from her dead body he says in a voice of authority "It is finished!". This is especially poignant as Aslan doesn't use this phrase in the book, but Jesus used it!
As I wept, I remembered that like Edmund, I had yielded to temptation, sinned, betrayed my saviour and was earmarked for destruction. My lion – Jesus – came along and substituted himself for me on the cross but death could not hold him down! The shaving of Aslan pointed to the plucking of Jesus' beard and the humiliation he was exposed to.
I came out of the movie theatre with tears in my eyes and very grateful that I like Edmund had found a saviour!
Was this a good fantasy movie? – Yes! Was this more than just a good fantasy? – Also yes! There are so many pointers to the gospel message in this movie. As a church we need to continue to help people see the message that CS Lewis left there and Disney have reinterpreted for a new generation.

Rev 5:5 "Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. NIV