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The Heavenly Man - Book Review

Wed August 18th, 2004

If you ever wanted to read a book that would leave you praising God and questioning only your own commitment, this is it.
This is the account of the ministry of a Chinese church leader who sees miracles as a normal part of his daily life - but also sees great persecution and difficulty too. From the miraculous provision of a Bible in a land where you just can't buy one off the shelf, to incredible Peter-like escapes from prison, this is a book you can't put down.
It is good for us to be reminded that not everyone lives in the freedom we have in this country, and author Paul Hattaway reveals how Chinese Christians are beaten, jailed and have their possessions confiscated just for meeting together. Whatever pressure you feel you are under when you start reading this book, you will be forced to re-evaluate by the time you finish it.
Hattaway reveals a simplicity of faith and a reality of experience that is exhilarating and full of wonder. The sting in the tale is the enormous suffering that Chinese Christians go through, but even this is something that Yun encourages us with. Telling us not to pray for an end to persecution in China, he explains his belief that this drives the Church and that our prayers should be focused on helping the Chinese compete the great commission.
Human rights? What are they? Are you entitled to spend time with your wife and children? Can you expect to have a full stomach and the comfort of good times and good things? To Yun these concepts and questions are alien; he expects to suffer to complete his mission from God and to bring salvation to the world.
There is nothing sensationalist about this book - but it is stirring.
The book is published by Monarch Books ISBN 185424597X
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