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The Holy Wild - Book Review

Fri September 23rd, 2005

Without doubt this is not a trendy Christian book following the latest hot topic. This book hasn't an exciting presentation and doesn't carry a plethora of endorsements on the rear cover – there are some but they are almost invisible inside. Furthermore, you won't find short, punchy sentences that tickle the ear and then melt away into nothingness.
This book is well written, by an author who loves language and is more than able to manoeuvre it into position for maximum exposure of the meaning. The Holy Wild is written as if it were a beautifully displayed chilled cabinet in a high class delicatessen.
Having established that the writing is fabulous, it remains to be said that the subject is the character of God. Buchanan, talks about God's goodness, His faithfulness, His love, His holiness, His mercy, His saving nature, His wrath, His victory and more. But, Buchanan's words reveal the substantial journey he has travelled in coming to his understanding of God. What is a great encouragement is that there is a strong Biblical thread of truth underlying the author's statements about God – this is not doctrine based on experience but on the cornerstone of truth.
My favourite quote in the book is from the eminent Christian theologian Karl Barth. When he was asked what was the most profound thing he'd ever thought or heard, he replied: "Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so".
With a few references to Lord of the Rings thrown in, this book, although a challenging read to the man of few words is a truly wonderful shaft of light on the unique character of our great God.
The Holy Wild by Mark Buchanan is published by Multnomah ISBN 1-59052-249-4.
You can buy this book from Eden.