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The Purpose Driven Life - Book Review

Wed August 18th, 2004

I must admit that I am sometimes put off when everybody I talk to enthusiastically tells me to read the same book. When I look at the cover and see "The #1 New York Times Bestseller" for some reason doubts build up in my mind.
No wonder I found the first few chapters a discipline to get through!
After all that, this is a book I enthusiastically recommend to you and clearly the New York Times got it right!
Written in a way that suits small groups and discussion, the author takes us on a journey from discovering that our purpose here is not an accident to establishing exactly what it is! If I were to tell you that now – it would be giving it away. Suffice to say there is no secret about this book. It is just a good, wholesome and innovative way of communicating the gospel to a seeker as well as encouraging all to become servants in the body of Christ – the church.
The enquiring mind will be stimulated, the searcher will find answers, the doubter will stumble over certainties and the faithful will be challenged.
Probably a book that you can go back to time and time again to re-visit an idea or gain a greater insight.
Rick Warren is leader of a large American church called Saddleback in California, and supports pastors all over the world with weekly emails. His father before him was a minister and the story of how before his death he told Rick to 'save one more for Jesus' will stir your emotions.
The book also lends itself well to use in small groups or book clubs and each chapter ends with 'Points to Ponder'.
This is a definite "must have on your bookshelf" book, and I am sure it will repeatedly help you over the years as you pick it up again.
The book is published by Zondervan ISBN 0-310-21074-7.
You can buy this book from Eden.