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Take Heart!

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Ezekiel 1 to 2

The only time you can guarantee someone will look at you these days and say "Take heart" is when you are dead and they have just found an organ donor card in your pocket.
However Jesus says it to us today:

Matt 9:2 Some men brought to him a paralytic, lying on a mat. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, "Take heart, son; your sins are forgiven ." NIV

The man that Jesus spoke to had been laying there for a long time. It is natural for hope to fade with time – thank God that Jesus came to give us a hope which circumstances cannot erode. But this man got personal encouragement from Jesus.
Sometimes we all want someone to put their arm around us and encourage us – telling us to take heart. Unfortunately there isn't always someone there when we would like to hear those words. Except of course that there is always someone there – and right now Jesus wants to put an arm around you and say to you 'take heart'.
By faith we can always hear those words from Jesus – if we choose to listen. They really mean something when they come from him, because there is no falseness in Christ, no deceit – only a genuine love that is so great it held him on a cross for us.
For this paralysed man it was 'take heart... your sins are forgiven'. How often we need to hear those words too. As Jesus went on to say, it is easy to heal a paralysed man compared to forgiving sins – but Jesus can do both.
Whatever has you laid-out today, Jesus says 'take heart'. Believe by faith that He speaks to you right now, and get up from where you are and let your life be a demonstration of the amazing power and encouragement of Jesus today.
Jesus is your answer, your miracle, your friend and your encourager. You can make it through today with Jesus.