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Pastor’s Library

Wed February 22nd, 2023

Our ongoing YouTube series: a guide to theology books and authors

Pastor’s Library is a series where all matters pertaining to theological books are discussed – whether it is about a book or a series of books that you have seen on a Pastor’s bookshelf, whether it is on a reading list for a diploma in Theology or for your Batchelor’s or Master’s degree. There are so many Christian Theology books out there and it is so difficult to navigate through them without any help; this is where 'Pastor’s Library' comes in.

Please remember as with any other channel, personal opinions might be expressed that you may not agree with, but we do try to be as even handed as possible. If there is a specific book or series that you would like us to cover then please leave a message. Remember to subscribe and to enable notifications so that we you will be among the first to know when a new episode is released. 

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A new episode will be out every Wednesday!