The Ark

Covid 19 Update 17th March 2020

Tue March 17th, 2020

We are living in a day that no-one in our lifetimes has experienced before – a true worldwide pandemic. No one knows what to do, except on a day to day basis as the situation develops. I thank God that He is good and that he answers prayer, and I continue to pray for God’s mercy on our nation and on our world, but it is appropriate to take action that has been recommended by our government and by our denomination, Ground Level.

From lunchtime today (17th March 2020), the midweek programme of the church will be shut down until further notice (including Spark and Halves) and initially we will also be closed at weekends for the next two weeks (Sunday 22nd & 29th March), after which we will review the situation.

This is not about fear, but it is about acting in Christian love! It would be totally inappropriate for us who are promoting Christ’s good news to expose anyone to this virus, especially the vulnerable (although it appears that we are all vulnerable).

Let me encourage you all to pray:

-        Pray for the city and the nation, that at this time people will find Jesus

-        Pray for your church friends – that they will be encouraged at this time

-        Pray for colleagues and neighbours for God’s protection

Let me also encourage you to ring friends in the church and chat to them too!

Watch our Facebook page and the website  for further updates, but as soon as we can, we will be meeting together again. I will also look at whether we can post some videos and I will continue to be available on my mobile 07980 920870 and by email Paul Thomas is also available on 07891 235521 or