The Ark

​ Statement concerning COVID 19

Sun March 15th, 2020

Due to the current situation we have decided to suspend Go Gospel our children’s choir and whereas we will run Halves this week we will review it all the time, and it is likely that we will pause it soon.

With immediate effect we are reminding all staff, volunteers and congregation members that it is essential that we follow the government guidance in thorough hand washing when we arrive at church, after using the toilets and whenever we enter the kitchen. We would offer you a suitable hand sanitiser but we have not been able to buy any.

Tissues should be used and are available on the piano at the front of the church to catch sneezes and coughs. Coughing into our arms is not an acceptable alternative.

If you are experiencing any symptoms, such as a runny nose, a fever or a cough, please don’t come to church for at least 7 days.

Please remember that as much as we love to welcome people, handshakes and hugs might not be acceptable at the moment so please try not to engage in physical contact at the moment.

Watch our Facebook group and our website for announcements about potential meeting cancellations. We are looking at being able to webcast a meeting without the congregation being present.

Whereas we may not be too concerned for ourselves, in Christian love we must be concerned for each other, especially our vulnerable members and we must make sure that we don’t expose others to potentially life-threatening infection.

Routine home visits are suspended during this crisis, but the telephone represents a good alternative

We recognise it is totally out of the pattern of our lives to not come out for prayer when we are unwell, but for the sake of the whole congregation we must change this for a season. So we will not be laying on hands or anointing with oil until further notice. If you want to be mentioned in prayer or have any questions about this please ring 07980 920870 or email

For communion we will use individual cups and you will be given bread by tongs. Hold out you hand in readiness for the bread to be placed in it and don’t touch the tongs. Please feel absolutely free to decline – no judgement will be made.

In all of this we must ensure that we don’t panic or become anxious – Our God is still on the throne – but it is prudent to not expose each other to unnecessary risk. We must however pay aggressively against this infection.

As a church family lets find ways in which we can support each other- please make sure that others have your phone number where you want them to be in touch.