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Blue Chip Stories

So does this blue chip stuff actually work? Here's a few real life stories of how a blue chip has reminded people what is most important.

Joe, York I was walking back from a lecture with a friend across campus, and I reached into my pocket to get my phone. As I delved into the pocket, I fumbled across my blue chip. At that exact point we were talking about something really pointless, like who we fancied out of our seminar group, or last weekends rugby results. As I looked at my mate I asked myself whether the conversation was the blue chip of the situation? As it wasn't, I decided to invite him along to an evangelistic meeting that was happening at the weekend. It frustrates me that we even need a blue chip to remind ourselves, but it is such a wonderful idea to aid people like me who need the occasional prompting! Since having the blue chip in my jeans, it has the uncanny ability to remind me at just the right time! Get one NOW and put it in your trouser pocket!

Chrissie, Barmby on the Marsh Answers to problems didn't come, memories that were so painful just would not go away, what could go wrong did go wrong, it was physically, emotionally and spiritually very draining and all seemed dark, hopeless and lonely. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my blue chip and I remembered the scripture, "Jesus went about doing good" , somewhere down the line I had forgotten that I can be a light in someone else's darkness and be a reflection of Jesus' love, so I did exactly that! I visited a couple of elderly people who were on their own and lonely, Have those painful memories gone away? Well, I haven't had time to think about them! Do I still feel lonely at times? Yes, but I just switch the light on and remember I am Gods blue chip!

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