The Ark

Blue Chip

Why would anyone give you a blue chip? We have all heard the expression 'Blue Chip' when used in connection with companies or shares. Something that is 'Blue-Chip' is top notch! So what can a blue chip mean to you? The story all starts with the game of poker... In poker, different chips have different values.In the game of life, we can also put different values on the things we do and the ways we spend our time and resources. This helpful little plastic device that requires no maintenance or batteries is a reminder for us about the things that matter- or the things we value. Have you ever sat down and made a list of the things you do on an average day? Why not do that now? How many of those things are really important and how many are just things that we do? Do we sometimes fill our lives with things that don't really have any long term value, because we are just trying to fill up our time? Or maybe we are so busy doing things that we feel like a hamster in its wheel? The things that really matter in life are the ones we need to prioritise – and they are what we have to make Blue-chip priority. You were given a blue chip to help you focus on the things that matter. To read on click here

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