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Nothing Really Matters

Freddie Mercury will always be remembered for that refrain: 'Nothing really matters anyone can see nothing really matters nothing really matters to me.' [Bohemian Rhapsody]

Hopefully there are some things that matter to you – but what are they?

The blue chip is an aid to focussing on those things that matter – the things that you need to give some priority in your life. Maybe your blue chips might include partner, child or other family. Blue chips are often people that we care about.

Perhaps a blue chip action would be to keep your promise, or do that thing which you know will really make someone happy.

Maybe a blue chip is to help someone, or complete your own special project. It might be to get yourself some help with the problems you face, rather than continuing to try alone?

Take a moment to ask yourself what really matters to you.

Take a pen and paper and make a note.

Knowing what matters is half the way to doing something about it. Now when you feel your blue chip in your pocket, or see it in your wallet or purse it can remind you of what really matters. To read on click here

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