The Ark


The local leadership of the Ark Church is presbytery in nature and consists of four groups of people:


Paul Anderson

These leaders are legally in charge of the charity and seek to maintain good governance in all ways.

Dr Jayam Lazarus (Chair)

Pauline Redman

Graham Lawrence

These leaders are not legally responsible for the good running of the charity, but have emerged as those who serve the church and have a significant contribution to make to its leadership

Karen Bruin

Jonathan Tarbin

Kelvin Goodspeed

Arielle Redman

Ministering Staff
These leaders have their position due to the ministry role they have in the church

Stephen Redman (Pastor)

Libby Redman (Assistant Pastor)

Leadership is reviewed from time to time and is functional rather than hierarchical, with every leader having particular responsibility for an individual field and the whole group sharing responsibility for the local church.

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