The Ark


These are the key values of the Ark Church - click on each heading to go directly to a 30 minute MP3 explaining each value


We believe that being a Christian is all about relationship – a vibrant and connected walk with God the Father, through Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We believe that living in relationship with God is the best choice we can make, and that life is great when that relationship is well maintained. We also value our relationships with the people of God (the Church) and we always seek to have good relationships within the wider community. Therefore, everything we seek to do we aim to accomplish through relationship.


We are committed to the community of the Church. We see this community as an intergenerational family, an inclusive and safe place to belong, where people are accepted, have dignity and in which their gifts can be developed. Out of this family we reach out to the wider community in friendship and service.


We value the opportunity to enjoy spiritual encounters and experiences with God, to journey through life with Him, to talk to Him and to thank Him, both personally and corporately.


We value the opportunity to empower and equip each other for life by enabling a better understanding of what God says to us through the Bible, so that we may experience personal and corporate growth.


We value truth, honesty, integrity and authenticity. Jesus, the truth sets us free and lights up our life. We value the truth of the Bible, we want our worship to be authentic, we aim to live our lives with integrity and we speak honestly to each other. We believe in personal and corporate accountability which are never to be feared if you have strong relationships based on truth.

Doing Good

Our relationship with God, our understanding of the Bible and our sense of community incite us to care, to demonstrate compassion, and to actively serve both the Church and the wider community. Jesus went arounddoing good and we believe He is the example for our lives.

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